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Coating Thickness XRF Standards

With Micromatter and Calmetrics joining forces, we now offer the world's largest selection of certified coating thickness and material composition reference XRF standards. We manufacture high accuracy reference standards capable of calibrating virtually any X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) coating thickness and composition analysis system.

We offer a comprehensive selection of standards including but not limited to: thin and thick films (single and multi-layer), alloy films, bulk standards including alloys and pure elements, precious metal standards, WEEE/RoHS standards and other standards for a broad range of industrial and scientific applications.

Our XRF measurement applications experience and expertise in particular, allows us to specialize in developing difficult-to-make and custom-fabricated standards for clients with unique measurement needs, as well as instrument-optimized standards packages for all major manufacturers of XRF instrumentation. Please click the following product links for more information about a particular type of standard.

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