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Consulting Services

Calmetrics will offer unsolicited recommendations and advice when appropriate for any standard(s) our customers may purchase or even request by quotation. Based on our years of applications experience measuring coatings, we freely offer suggestions to our customers and prospective customers if we expect it will be helpful. Typically we will offer information and recommendations with respect to minimum and maximum thickness capability, suggested ranges for calibration standards, identify potential for spectral interferences and other sources of measurement error, as well as how to mitigate or compensate for those sources of error. This is one of the no cost benefits of purchasing Calmetrics standards.

    In addition, we are available on a fee basis for:
    • on-site consultation to help with instrument calibrations for unusual applications
    • instrument & application training and basic radiation safety training
    • analysis and interpretation of customer measurement data
    • evaluate and make recommendations about customer sample measurement programs
    • assist with the evaluation of commercially XRF instruments so that you can make the best purchase on the basis of a cost/benefit analysis
    • developing your own in-house, custom standards

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