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Carbon Foil Beam Stripper

Carbon stripper foils are widely used in research accelerators as well as industrial applications. Over the last decade, Micromatter Carbon foils have been widely used in accelerators worldwide for beam stripping. We offer a wide variety of foils for beam stripping in terms of composition. thickness, flexibility and robustness. These include DLC(Diamond like carbon), DLC Hybrid and graphene foils.

With the introduction of diamond-like carbon foils more in 2008, Micromatter established a new generation of stripper foil products of unparalleled mechanical and physical properties. Further research and development led to the discovery of layered boron hybrid foils, and more recently, graphene based carbon films. Scientific institutions and isotope production facilities worldwide have come to rely on our carbon foil products because of their outstanding mechanical robustness and long lifetime in intense ion beams.

Customer Advisory on Boron Containing DLC Foils (‘Hybrid Foils’)

One of our competitors recently published content on their website advising against the use of boron containing ‘hybrid’ foils. Their website presents that “[Company name] does not produce hybrid carbon foils (i.e. boron) which introduce extra problems for radiation safety in laboratories”, citing their own product information as a reference.

Furthermore, it is stated that “Pinholes are observed to form spontaneously in hybrid type boron-carbon foils at temperatures above 1800 K, another reason why … [company name] does not offer hybrid foils.”

As far as Micromatter Technologies’ boron-DLC foils are concerned, these propositions are completely unfounded.

Firstly, the competitor based his activation argument on untenable assumptions about the interaction of stripper foils with low energy particle beams, such as those found in small medical cyclotrons, thus arriving at erroneous conclusions.

In addition, performance results published by a Japanese laboratory for a small number of experimental boron containing foils of different composition and microstructure were extended without justification to all ‘hybrid’ films.

We wish to assure our customers that boron containing foils produced by Micromatter Technologies are safe to use, and can be disposed of in the same manner as pure carbon foils. They are not susceptible to unexpected pinhole formation because of our particular manufacturing technique that affords robust nano-crystalline layered films of high temperature stability. Please see our detailed technical note here.

Micromatter is working with the competitor to resolve this issue of inaccurate information. In the meantime, please feel free to contact us directly to discuss any concerns you may have, or to obtain information on our pure diamond-like carbon or graphene foils.

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