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Metrology Services

Calmetrics routinely provides fast and affordable coating thickness and alloy composition measurement services. Do you have a limited set of samples that you need to measure or a temporary measurement needs which do not justify the purchase of expensive coating thickness instrument? Or is your instrument in disrepair and you need measurements in a hurry? Or do you need referee measurements to resolve a measurement difference you are having with one of your customers or suppliers? Whatever the case, we can provide you the measurements you need quickly and in a cost effective manner. We make use of the best in XRF and other coating measurement techniques and apply the combined extensive applications know how and experience of our staff to give you the information you need. We not only follow your instructions to give you the information you request about the samples you submit to us, but many times will offer you additional insights into your samples you send. We will report results as a simple data table or, as an option, we prepare a full lab report documenting our procedure, set up , results and analysis. Please call or e-mail us today if you have need for our metrology services.

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