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Gauging Sheets

Also referred to as “shims’ these standards are plastic foils. The plastic foils are placed on a blank metal substrate and an eddy current or magnetic induction probe positioned on top of the plastic foil to calibrate a eddy current or magnetic induction gauge. The plastic foil thickness represents the distance between the probe and the base material surface. These are universal standards that can represent and calibrate for any non-conductive coating on any non-ferrous substrate or any non-magnetic coating on any ferrous substrates.

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CGS0025 0.25 6.25 In Stock!
CGS005 0.5 12.5 In Stock!
CGS0075 0.75 18.8 In Stock!
CGS01 1.0 25 In Stock!
CGS015 1.5 37.5 In Stock!
CGS02 2.0 50 In Stock!
CGS03 3.0 75 In Stock!
CGS05 5.0 125 In Stock!
CGS075 7.5 187 In Stock!
CGS010 10 250 In Stock!
CGS015 15 375 In Stock!
CGS020 20 500 In Stock!
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