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Coating Thickness XRF 🢂 Custom Standards

Custom, special and/or unusual standards are standards which do not appear in our product lists but instead are made to order, on the basis of your requirements and specifications. Calmetrics specializes in and encourages your requests for unusual or custom made standards. If you do not see the thicknesses or compositions or materials you want in our product lists, please contact us with your requirements. We will be glad to discuss with you your requirements and be grateful for the opportunity to make you an offer for your custom made standard(s).
It is typical that custom standards are more costly than our stock standards and usually take longer to deliver. The price and delivery time will be determined by the nature of the material(s) in the custom standard you need, the level of accuracy you require and the potential need to develop master standards so we may certify and make traceable to SI units through the US NIST, the standards we deliver to you. Pricing will also be determined by our estimation of the potential interest from other customers or markets for the same standards. All these considerations factor into price and delivery estimations.
Calmetrics has produced for our customers many unusual and custom made standards through our years in business. Typically, most of these custom or unusual standards are not listed in our stock product lists. However, based on your requests, there is a possibility we will have material from previous custom standards work we have done, which will allow us to offer you standards that will meet your requirements at a price point and delivery schedule that is similar to the standards in our stock product lists. Therefore, please check with us for ANY reference standard requirement you may have. In almost all cases, we will be able to offer you something that meets your requirements and possibly have it already in our extensive inventory.

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