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Care of Microresistance Standards

Thank you for your purchase of Calmetrics microresistance standards. The following guidance is offered to extend the useful life of your standards.

      1. Always store the standards when not in use, in the box provided. Place the measurement side of the standard on           the anti-tarnish paper. The proper side of the anti-tarnish paper is the side without the writing.
      2. Always store the boxes containing the standards in a cool, dry environment. (<25ºC and <40% relative humidity)
      3. Always wear gloves when handling the standard.
      4. Take care when placing the probe on the standard in order to reduce damage to the standard. Never drag or slide         the probe across the surface of the copper layer. Instead lift and lower the probe in a straight up-and-down            manner and make contact with the copper layer using a minimum of impact force.

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