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Precision and Quality since 1968

MICROMATTER Co. was originally founded in the state of Washington, USA, in 1968 to manufacture thin carbon foils for the scientific community. Over the years, the business expanded to include accelerator targets and, more prominently, calibration materials for X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysis, which have become the universal ‘gold standard’ for environmental monitoring, in particular air pollution measurements, and trace analytical applications.

In early 2009, Advanced Applied Physics Solutions (AAPS), a technology transfer spin-off company established by TRIUMF, Canada’s national accelerator laboratory, acquired the assets of MICROMATTER Co. and merged it with the TRIUMF Carbon Foil Laboratory.

In 2015, MICROMATTER became a privately owned company again and was incorporated as MICROMATTER Technologies Inc. It is continuing its founders’ commitment to manufacturing excellence, and customers will continue to receive the high-quality products that they have come to rely upon. In addition, MICROMATTER’s unique vapor deposition techniques and established capabilities in diamond-like carbon synthesis create technical synergies that will accelerate research and development objectives in several key areas, such as semiconductor research and MEMS technology.

One year later, MICROMATTER moved into its new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Surrey, BC. The company continues to expand its product portfolio and has refined its focus on analytical applications. In 2016, MICROMATTER Technologies Inc. received the prestigious Surrey Board of Trade Innovation Award for its ground-breaking work in high precision environmental pollution monitoring.

In mid-year 2017, MICROMATTER Technologies Inc . acquired Calmetrics Inc. based in Holbrooke, New York, USA, a widely renowned supplier of coating thickness and material composition standards. Calmetrics, founded in November 2002, manufactures high accuracy reference standards capable of calibrating virtually any X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) analysis system. In 2012, Calmetrics established ISO 17025 accreditation, further enhancing its reputation as a leading developer and producer of film thickness and composition certified reference materials.

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