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Carbon Foil Bean Stripper 🢂 Carbon Foils on Cyclotron Forks

Stripping Foil Replacement Made Easy!

Micromatter offers highest quality, ready-to-use extractor foil sets for most types of biomedical and industrial cyclotrons. All Micromatter self-supporting diamond-like carbon, boron hybrid and graphene based foils are available as complete assemblies.

Customers can choose from a great variety of thicknesses and carbon materials. All commonly used foil sizes and thicknesses are kept in stock. Foils are attached to standard extraction forks specified by the cyclotron manufacturer using proprietary mounting processes. Typical holder materials are aluminum, graphite, and steel. Custom materials, such as titanium or tungsten, are available upon request. We ship frame mounted foils in special packaging to ensure the foils arrive at the customer’s facility without damage.

Micromatter’s Technical Service Team will be pleased to work with you to select the optimum carbon foil product for your particular application.

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